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My Pictorial History (12) : Heather Lodge

Love, life & parties on the Whittinghame Estate

May 2007 – September 2009


MM - Picture 013.jpg

MM - IMG_0066.jpg

MM- _MG_2419.jpg

MM _MG_2389

MM 0- _MG_2404


MM _MG_2424
Hogmany 2008-09

MM _MG_2429.jpg

MM Alibi Poster 1.jpg
My very first Conchord

MM Alibi cast

My teeth in 2007
MM lambs.jpg
East Lothian
MM IMG_20200623_172744.jpg
More acting – Edinburgh Fringe Festival – summer 2008

MM IMG_20200623_172803

MM IMG_0531

Northern Green Gathering 2007

MM IMG_0420

MM IMG_0511.jpg
Back at Heather Lodge – Logstock, 2009

MM Heather Lodge

Inside Heather Lodge
Milan Film Festival 2007 – trying something different
MM Monkey Puzzles
MM Julia's wedding pics 016.jpg
Some booty from my job doing the fences at T in the Park, Kinross
MM Alibi Poster Leeds
Taking Alibi to Yorkshire

MM Alibi - Leeds.JPG

My Pictorial History (11): Turnin’ Thirty

Photos from different periods between 2004 & 2006 – I turned 30 on the eleventh of June, 2006

SCOTLAND (2004-2006)

More Skye
Loch Lomond
Glen Coe
On Glen Coe with Glenda’s brother Mitch (far right) – his girlfriend (far left) & pal steve (bald head)
Glen Coe
With the rest of the Romes

Glenda’s dad chairing a Burns Supper near Dumfries
The new band – a trio
Inside 14c Scotland Street
My first poems ever published – 2006

Partying with Kenny & Paul
Fending off the student loans company with the Statutes & Limitations Act (Scotland) 1974

The death of my grandmother, 2006

TUSCANY (May 2006)

Squatting an old pizza restaurant in Saltino…
… & being evicted
With a new admirer in Barga

With Andy & Analene – Cinque Terra

INDIA (September-October 2006)

Visiting Baldy, Kristian and Duggy in London on my way to India
I also did a little of the Camino de Santiago before flying to India
Mount Abu
With Andaman Steve and the chief of Rajasthani police, Jaipur

SICILY (Nov 2006-Jan 2007)

Ferrywatching – Marettimo
Fiodo adopted me for my walks across Marettimo
On the slopes of Mount Etna – Jock is in the middle at the back


Etna from Enna

With the Romes on Enna
The only pictorial record of our two month stay in Malta: Jan-March 2007

My Pictorial History (10) : 2004

KK 20151223_180700

KK Baltic
Early phone camera shots – on a journey between Stockholm & Tallin, 2004
From an Estonian travel brochure – Haapsalu

KK Belfast City Hall.jpg
Early phone camera shots – Belfast, 2004
KK Galway Glenda
Early phone camera shots – With Glenda in Connemara 2004
LL Glenda 2.jpg
I met Glenda at the Wickerman Festival, 2003 – this is early the next year in Edinburgh – she’s 31 here, I’m 27
KK Calcata 2
My first visit to Calcata, near Rome, Spring 2004

Defending my squat with a section 5
Sending off Axis Allies to the upper echelons
LL IMG_20200625_094059.jpg
My first trip to the Edinburgh Fringe festival – it was a Wednesday
Fighting for my squat
Axis and Allies – the first 700 tryptychs

LL IMG_20160322_091528023
The family schism

LL IMG_20160322_091545960.jpg

LL IMG_20160322_091456225.jpg

LL IMG_20160322_091428706

LL IMG_20200625_094026

My Pictorial History (9): Bohemian

Finishing Axis and And Allies (for now) – June 2002
The onlt relic from my short stay in Leeds, Winter 2002-Spring 2003
KK A Taste of Honey.jpg
I got a part – the black sailor – in A Tasse of Honey, Penrith Theatre, 2003

KK 65742874_2381196688871940_5834589385147809792_o.jpg
London 2004 – I had two squats to myself – Dorothy Road Clapham & Bulwer Court, Leytonstone
KK 2096975
Some of the Gallery / 414 posse, Leytonstone

Inside Clapham Library

KK - do from here.jpg

KK Downing Street.jpg
Sending off Axis and Allies to the powers that be

Partying with Nichola, my friend from Carlise who lived on Bulwer Court and found me the squat

KK IMG_20160321_172847733

Dorothy Road
Fighting my Dorothy Road eviction – Battersea and Chelsea housing associations had merged, but the title deeds didnt have that new name, winning me a couple more months

I had a job as as as a steward – Chelsea and Fulham games

Pay what you like theatre in Battersea on Tuesdays) – it would take the Edinburgh Fringe a few years to catch up with the idea

The legal Kevlar armour of the Section 5 – pinned on the doors of my squats
My London band – Armitage Shanks – I thought wed get free advertsing everytie people went to the toilet until I found out someone was already using the name)

Parting with Charlie in London – a Clitheroe lad moved to the capital who sorted me out lets say

Magic Mushrrom Shaman
One of my girlfriends from the London period (there was a few – I was 27)
On getting kicked out of my squats it was off to Italy –
My sketch of Ostia, near Rome

My Pictorial History (8): Epic Poet

JJ 20200618_120257
With my gran, late 2000
JJ 65537512_2382662798725329_1162745658180894720_o.jpg
I began work on Axis & Allies in Royal Tunbridge Wells, early 2001
JJ IMG_20160323_150448143
Stevie Vickers AKA Victor Pope, from Barnsley College, one of my flatmates in Tunbridge Wells
JJ 65713285_2382616892063253_6000763091464224768_n
Revisiting the Tunbridge Wells bookshop in 2019 where I used to buy books to fuel my epic
JJ - IMG_20160104_125436167
In my flat at 34B Camden Road, with Duggie from South Africa
JJ Me - Profile (2).jpg
A profile of DBB done by Kate, early 2001
JJ - IMG_20160323_095502915
The poem wasn’t always called Axis & Allies

JJ IMG_20160323_095446584

JJ IMG_20160323_095433530

JJ Colditz.jpg

JJ IMG_20160323_122917567.jpg

JJ - IMG_20160104_124139953
Meeting up with Kate & Gran in Brighton, 2001
JJ IMG_20200626_201346
Mi mum & mi gran in London, 2001
JJ IMG_20160323_095515181
Squeezing 9-11 into my epic poem began the process of making it VERY epic – October 2001

JJ IMG_20160321_175104327

KK cassino.JPG
On Monte Cassino, Italy
JJ IMG_20160323_152640157
On my return from Italy I began seeing Alice in Tunbridge Wells 
JJ Housing Benefit.jpg
Being overpaid by TW council funded my European composition trips then my journey to India – I think it was the Muses work

IND 2 Gathering-Wood-1024x768.jpg

IND 13 Photo0169.jpg

IND 17 Photo2421-1024x768
Thiruvalluvar statue at Kanyakamari- I would soon begin transcreation his Thirukural
At the feet of Thiruvalluvar 2013)
The copy of Thirukural I picked up in Madurai

IND 5 Photo0213-1024x768

JJ and 2
On the boat to the Andaman Islands – Duncan R) Jimmy Van de Mer R)
JJ and 1.PNG
Jimmy Van de Mer r(ight) on the Andaman Islands
JJ and 3.PNG
Phil, Kate & Steve

JJ Fishermen.JPG

My Pictorial History (7) : Brighton


GG IMG_20160104_124255334
My Brighton band – Chris Baldy from Barnsley College was on guitar
GA 65555321_2382490292075913_5502569631275024384_o.jpg
My favorite walk was the Brighton to Lewes over the Downs hike & back – the photo is looking back on Brighton
GA 65597270_2382507252074217_5821868366326923264_o.jpg
Descending into Lewes with Emily, 2019
GH IMG_20200701_055423
My trainjumping map for 2000 – I was approaching the peak of my UK skillset
GG IMG_20200625_094802.jpg
My Brighton girlfriend, Kate, in the bath


GG IMG_20200626_170942
With gran & best mate Nick, summer 2000
GG IMG_20200701_055259
The evolution of Testamundi Imperatrix, my Keatsian ode to the British empire, composed in Brighton 1999-2000

GG Imperatrix (2)

GG Imperatrix 2 (2).jpg

GG IMG_20160322_090934243

GG Imperatrix 3

GG IMG_20200701_055318.jpg
Getting caught shoplifting red wine in Brighton

GG IMG_20200701_055331.jpg

GH IMG_20200701_055423

GH IMG_20160323_095303795
My trip to Provence & the start of Axis & Allies, May 2000

Gh IMG_20160322_084400272

GH IMG_20160323_095328425.jpg
My trip to the Waterloo battlefield, June 2000 – at the end of the month I moved on from Brighton

My Pictorial History (6) – The Sable Rose

EE big_ben (2).jpg

Visiting my unofficial godson in London in 1998, Adam, son of Nichola & Lee, fans of Sphere, my Carlisle band
Tim & Alison – a couple who befriended me in Portsmouth, 1998-1999


EE IMG_20200623_175048.jpg

A portrait of me by Alison
EE IMG_20160323_145923529
EE 20151223_180736.jpg
Odd Job Man – Portsmouth
ee IMG_20200624_132247.jpg
Jamming with Pete & Tim
GA IMG_20200626_201818.jpg
Tim getting caught fare evading in Portsmouth

GA IMG_20200701_055209.jpg

First class fare evader

GA IMG_20200624_132234

GA IMG_20200701_055044
Working on THE SABLE ROSE – my first ever major poem – a 140-strong sonnet sequence
GA Busking in Chichester (2).jpg
Busking in Chichester
GA IMG_2020624_131459
One of the pictorial images Tim & Alison created for my sonnets

ga IMG_20200624_132158.jpg

GA IMG_20200624_131319
My handwritten, mud-coated line-up for Glastonbury 1998

GA IMG_20200624_131827.jpg

GA Benevenuto

EE - IMG_20160321_165714110
Burnley 1 Blackpool 0 – 28/11/98 – from a poem published in the Burnley Express

GA _20200624_132318

EE - IMG_20160321_165550782.jpg
Sonnetically remembering a trip from Burnley to Amsterdam with the lads in 1998

My Pictorial History (5) : The Death of Shelley

My first proper poem…
FF IMG_20200623_155621
Me at 21
My travle kit – for my first ever adventure abroad


FF IMG_20160321_172943914.jpg
My notebook for the poem – bought in Florence
I begaqn composing the poem in Florence

FF Pisa (4)

FF 14359196_1721748104816805_2401129258123405503_n.jpg


FF Pisan Sunset (2).jpg

FF 14364787_1721747884816827_908685614564852987_n
In Pisa – 2017
FF DSC01225
Byrons grottto, Portovenere, 2012
The clifftop wher mu soul fused with poetry
FF portovenere (2).jpg
The Norman church, Portovenere

FF porto_2

Viareggio – the beach where Shelley’s bopdy was washed up
FF DSC01050
In Rome 2011
FF IMG_20160321_173121200
The Forte Prenestina in Ropme – my base for the final stanzas

FF II Photo-0271.jpg

FF 44362670_2198932933764984_3673526850149154816_o.jpg
At the fort in 2018
FF 44359190_2198933047098306_7529469203401670656_o
Insdide the fort in 2018 with Michael Beeson
Revisiting Shelley’s grave, 2009
FF Photo-0261.jpg
The grave of Keats – the Protestant Cemetery, Rome
Revisiting Shelley’s grave, 2017

FF The Death of Shelley - 2 (2)

My Pictorial History 4: Acid Daze

DA IMG_20200623_162307
One of numerous psychedelic sketches & drawings made in 1996 – a year drench’d in LSD

DA IMG_20200626_205731

DA IMG_20200626_205757.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_205847.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_210244

DA IMG_20200626_210703.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_210801

DA IMG_20200626_210846.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_211231

DA IMG_20200626_211017.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_211203.jpg
My ‘contacts’ list in the days before mobile phones
DD IMG_20180531_082721147_HDR.jpg
Off to uni & a Popular Music Studies BA at Barnsley – I moved into 66 Sackville Street – my room was in the attic room above facing the street in the photo
DD IMG_20160323_150238056
Me & Chris Baldy – Kula Shaker is probably on in the background – one of my paintings in the bottom left corner (all are now lost)

DD IMG_20200626_201930

DD IMG_20200626_203340.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203414

DD IMG_20200626_204009.jpg
Forge FM in Sheffield: I used to DJ/MC a late night weekend slot after partying hard

DD IMG_20200626_203506

DD _20200618_120518.jpg

DDA IMG_20200626_211457.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203929
Weekend ‘Wind-Up’ & ‘Wind-Down’ – inbetween was the rave around Sheffield

DD IMG_20200626_203843.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203825

DD IMG_20200626_203800


DD IMG_20200626_203727.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203619

DD IMG_20200626_203528.jpg



With Ian, Baldy, & bending down comedienne & Fringe Star Eleanor Conway – I’m dressed up as the Magic Mushroom Shaman

My Pictorial History 3: Carlisle

CC IMG_20160323_154826283

BB IMG_20200626_083410
My first girlfriend, Jane Holdworth, with my beloved Grandma Joan, c.1993

CC - newquay
With Jane, best mate Nicky & a load of Jane’s pals, Newquay 1994

CD _20200615_195328
After Janes dad got a job teaching in Sanqhuar, we set up home in a bedsit together late ’94 – flat 6, 6 Chatsworth Square – from where we attended Carlilse College

One of my earliest paintings

CD _20200618_114228
By Eli

CD 20200618_114205


CD 20200618_114747

CD _20200615_204453
My band, Sphere – top left author, David Mark, top right famous online music teacher Scott Devine

CD _20200618_114502

CD IMG_20200626_204036

CD 20200615_204138

CD _20200618_114631

CD 20200615_205440
A young Byran Dick, future actor, in the audience

After the gig

CD 20200618_114144



CD 20200618_114933

CD 20200618_114913

CD 20200618_114351

CD IMG_20200623_164840